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Manufactured comply to BS EN 747; USA and AS/NZS2010 standards. Powerstations® comply to EU/ CE certification, USA/ ETL Certification and AS/NZS/SAA Certification.
Power sockets: BS; EU /Schuko, FR, USA (ETL), AS/NZS, (SAA). Ladder fits to either end.


Bunk & under bed lockers

Bunk & mattresses

Complete bunk


Dimensions indicate for our standard European models. Australian and USA models are manufactured in accordance with local mattress size requirements. All bunks can be made to customer requirements including 90cm wide/100cm wide and 200cm long bases. Panel material used in all POD bunks is High Pressure Laminate. For safety, fire and control of bed bugs no wood or wood derivatives are used in the manufacture of any Sleeptite bunk.

Specification subject to change without notice. Do not scale from drawing.

For further information on colour, finish and material options CLICK HERE

Please Note: We use HPL material exclusively in the manufacture of our panelled bunks.

As part of our mission to supply without compromise, the best quality products, we at Sleeptite only use High Pressure Laminate panels (HPL) throughout our bunk/ POD ranges. We will not use wood, MDF, fibreboard, chipboard, or any other sub-standard surface treated composites in our manufacturing process. We see considerable advantages in using HPL for our products. It’s strong, extremely hard wearing and it does not absorb moisture. Bed bugs don’t like it (unlike wood), it does not split or crack, is easy to clean and it has excellent fire retardant properties.

HPL is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. It is manufactured using a high percentage of recycled Kraft paper all bonded by a special resin. HPL is also extensively used where clean non-porous surfaces are required, such as in Labourites and Washrooms. In addition HPL is used as both an interior and exterior decorative finish for buildings. As the preferred material of choice for high end lockers in changing rooms, particularly where high moisture and humidity is present, HPL is the best choice for hostel bunk bed products.

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