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There are two mattress covering options, BUGTITE standard and BUGTITE HYDRO.  

Our standard BUGTITE mattress cover is a contract grade cotton mattress ticking. Woven from 100% cotton it is a natural product which offers a healthy and comfortable sleep. Being a natural cotton product it already incorporates certain Fire retardant properties and offers many health benefits not generally associated with its synthetic counterparts. It is backed by a complete FR treatment and also undergoes a special anti-bed bug and microbial treatment at time of manufacture.

With BUGTITE HYDRO we have got you coversed! We all know that accidents can happen. Whether it is a spilt drink or a personal mishap, having the assurance of a water resistant breathable outer cover can help.Our new BUGTITE HYDRO is both durable and practical and comes at a surprisingly affordable price.
This waterproof, breathable mattress cover is manufactured using the latest fabric coating technology. HYDRO delivers a new standard in mattress hygiene and comfort, and extends the useful life of the mattress.

As with our standard BUGTITE mattress, the HYDRO cover is “zip on” which makes it easy to replace without the need to replace the whole mattress.

For technical specifications of our BUGTITE standard and BUGTITE HYDRO covers please refer to below chart

Due to popular demand we have made our BUGTITE standard and BUGTITE HYDRO with zip on covers, available separately without the need to buy the complete mattress.  
All Mattresses are priced to include the cover of choice. Replacement covers can also be purchased separately.

Contact us to discuss how we can improve your hostel standards and save you money. 


STANDARD CORE MATTRESS FILLING: 31.4 – 34.7 Kg/m³ - BS EN ISO 845 : 2009 (ISO 845 : 2006). SUPERSOFT: 31.4 – 34.7 Kg/m³ - BS EN ISO 845 : 2009 (ISO 845 : 2006).
NOMINAL HARDNESS 160 – 220 Newtons - BS EN ISO 2439:METHOD B 2001

SUPERSOFT CORE MATTRESS FILLING: 36 .2 – 37.1 Kg/m³ + 31.4 – 34.7 Kg/m³ - BS EN ISO 845 : 2009 (ISO 845 : 2006).
NOMINAL HARDNESS 120 – 140 Newtons +160 – 220 Newtons - BS EN ISO 2439:METHOD B 2001
*The fatigue classification is based on BS3379 using BS EN ISO 3385 test method except where the waiting time after fatigue is 6 hours as recommended by the BPF. Note: The classification claimed is based on independent test house results.

Our finished mattress, when fitted with either our BUGTITE standard or BUGTITE HYDRO covers comply with Fire Safety standard BS 7177: 2008 + A1: 2011 -Specification for resistance to ignition of mattresses, mattress pads, divans and bed bases – Medium Hazard ( Crib 5)

We put all of our BUGTITE mattress products through rigorous testing by approved independent test companies Needless to say we are proud of the fact that all of our products not only pass, but often supercede the required standards.


Our new BUGTITE mattress range has
some very clever features making it one of the best mattresses in the industry. Now you can rest assured your customers are getting a good nights sleep. Zip off covers provide extended mattress life, saving you money and extending mattress life.

Whereas the mattress material is tested and treated with the deterrents listed, no guarantee against bites is implied. Hand washing or dry cleaning of this mattress product is not recommended.

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