With the continued increase in use and sophistication of mobile devices, here at Sleeptite we recognise how important light and power has become in hostels, schools and universities. To help us in our quest for world beating light and power outlets we joined forces with a world class electronics manufacturer with all the manufacturing capabilities and skills to design and produce an exclusive range of PowerStations® to meet the demands of the modern day traveller and student. These PowerStations® needed to be robust, capable of working in a hostel environment and keep pace with up to date trends. Quality and safety are of paramount importance at Sleeptite and we draw great comfort from the high standards and capabilities of in-house testing and R&D our partners bring to bear on all our products.

Not satisfied with that we have had our products tested and certified for use throughout Europe, USA and Canada and Australia. This testing and certification is carried out by world renowned test houses namely  Intertek Semko AB and TÜV Rheinland.


PowerStations® are offered in a number of standard sizes to suit our specific bed designs However we can manufacture PowerStations® to any size required but of course MOQ’s apply.

PowerStations® are mounted directly to our prewired bunk beds, mounted to a prewired tubular frame (Kits) or can be wall mounted using our wall mounting bracket.
We offer PowerStations® in 240V 10a/13a & 16a and 120V 15a.
These can be with or without power socket.
We also offer 12V versions – without power sockets.
Note some of these are subject to MOQ

ALL OUR PowerStations® are now fitted as standard with 4a USB charging port offering both type A and type C connections with fast charging facility

Standard Bunk bed PowerStation® showing BS socket with dangerous plug adaptor preventer. PS 857BS/GS/FR

CLICK HERE! - dangerous plug adapter preventer warning

LED Strip light Bunk bed PowerStation® showing GS socket. Also available with touch sensor dimmable switch.   PSSL 857BS/GS/FR

Standard single socket PowerStation® very popular wall mounted and as a Micro light kit.

PowerStation® Led light and 4a USB Charging port 240V or 12V

Click here to check your plug socket compatibility

CLICK HERE! - dangerous plug adapter preventer warning

All our PowerStations® are tested rigorously prior to despatch and internal wiring looms are all tested before and after installation. There is an outside chance that during transit something can vibrate lose. We strongly recommend that all PowerStations® are tested after installation and prior to use.
A socket tester that checks for leaks, polarity and so forth purchased from a reputable source will work perfectly – cost €10 – €15 Euro.

“Produced exclusively for Sleeptite® to the highest standards in a World Class production facility with full test and R&D departments”