Premier 3T

Stylish, very competitively priced and a deceptively rugged hostel bunk bed.

This 3-tier bunk bed is less than 220 high which allows it to fit into rooms other 3 tier bunks cannot.
50mm round tubular legs with strong tubular bed bases. Ergonomic modern flat oval cross tubes and ladder rungs complete this professional bunk bed. Fitted with inside guard tails for added security and safety. Supplied with wall brackets so it can be secured to the wall.

Curtains can easily be fitted to the lower 2 bunks using our new DIY curtain rail system.
Designed for hostels with a tight budget.

Ladders can be fitted at either end.

Available ex stock in Metallic Textured Basalt.



Dimensions indicated below are for our standard European models. Australian and USA models are manufactured in accordance with local mattress size requirements. All bunks can be made to customer specification. MOQ’s will apply.

Click on the image below for detailed dimensions.